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Head PuJarie
pujarie lake

(aka Pujarie Lako from Alniss Village, Corentyne) Pujarie Lake’s love and worship of the Divine Mother blossomed at a very young age and he was later blessed with Mother’s oath to worship her and care for her devotees until he left this material world.

In 1998 Pujarie Lako built the Shree Maha Kali Temple (Alniss Village, Corentyn) in Guyana to care for Mother’s children. After moving to New York, he built the Saat Kali Devi Temple in the Bronx so he could continue the Divine Mother’s worship along with his duties to care for her children.

He has helped many people with multiple problems such as sickness, family, legal and business, all with Mother’s blessings.

If you are in need of help, we welcome you to our Sunday service where you can speak with Mother or Master about your case. If you’d prefer assistance in private, feel free to call the Pujarie at 347-398-0758 for an appointment.

Marlo Pujarie
pujarie satesh

As a Marlo Pujarie, Pujarie Satesh is a Devotee of the Divine Mother and Master that has been blessed with a powerful gift to take care of their devotees. Chosen at a very young age, Pujarie Satesh’s love for the Divine Mother is unmeasurable.

In order to achieve the greatness from God it takes a lot of devotion and dedication towards the Divine Mothers and Masters and we are grateful Mother has blessed such a loving and kind person to carry out her tasks.

SunDay Service
join us for service

1516 Saint Peters Ave,

Bronx NY 10462

Call Pujari Lake 347-398-0758 


Doors Open at 7:30am

Service Starts at 10:00am

Cases are taken after service.

Please plan to abstain from meat, fish, eggs, alcohol and intimacy starting from Friday 12:01am until you leave our temple.